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Loy Young - Loy's Relationship Disclosures

The Plot in Religions, Politics and Wars

Read about the forces of your emotions and their impact on religion, politics and wars.

The author draws an analogy between Sir Isaac Newton’s discovery of gravity and the forces of our emotions.  Both have always been with us. However, when Newton defined gravity and gave us a basic formula of The Universal Law of Gravitation, it opened the door for much scientific inquiry.

Discover the force of emotions and the formula or plot that it derives its power from. With emotional inquiry, permanent change is now possible in human behavior, which has not occurred century after century. Only the costumes, characters, and settings have changed, but human behavior is much the same since the dawn of humanity.

The Plot in Religions, Politics and Wars reveals the plot that your emotional self lives for and is willing to die for, leading you into one conflict after another, often escalating into wars.   Once you make the emotional inquiry into yourself and dealing with your feelings and the plot itself, permanent change in your human behavior can occur. Until then, as soon as the curtain comes down on a short episode, of “They Lived Happily Ever,” your emotional nature will yank you back up on stage to audition for yet another exciting scenario.

This book also discloses the role of your animal nature. The seat of your instinct, it goes on automatic without even asking your permission.

The Plot in Religions, Politics and Wars is the latest addition to the The Plot Series which includes:  The Plot – Dealing with Feelings (Victims, Villains and Heroines). The Plot – Staring the Victim, The Plot – Starring the Villain, The Plot – Starring the Hero and Victims, Villains and Heroes: Managing Emotions in the Workplace. Enjoy!

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