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Loy's Relationship Disclosures

Loy Young - Loy's Relationship Disclosures

Moon Goddess and You

Moon Goddess and You

The Moon Goddess divulges her magical formula for naturally unfolding your intuition. Learn how to connect and receive the Moon Goddess’s transmissions at her New and Full Moon and soon you’ll be surfing right into your intuition and out of relationship dramas.

Step-by-step, you are guided through each day, receiving the energies of the New and Full Moon cycle. Finally learn to trust your intuition by developing it to its fullest potential.


 Moon Goddess and You is available in Kindle format at: Amazon.com

Also available in PDF for $4.95





Moon Goddess and You Video

This video by Loy Young, author of Moon Goddess and You eBook, gives you more information and highlights that are not covered in the eBook. It doesn’t replace the eBook, but is the perfect partner to go with it, and only 99 cents.

Purchase your downloadable copy now for ninety-nine cents (.99)