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Loy's Relationship Disclosures

Loy Young - Loy's Relationship Disclosures

Know Thyself & Everyone Else

Know Thyself & Everyone Else

(How to get the inside scoop using Astrology)

How to Get the Inside Scoop Using Astrology


If you are someone that subscribes to the premise that everything is energy, including you, this will be most useful to you. It informs you of the energies of the zodiac signs that are pouring through you all throughout your life and propel you toward your destiny.

As energies are indeed the core, still they can be somewhat abstract without understanding what qualities or virtues they stimulate within your psyche which determine your actions.

Qualities are your intrinsic worth, your essence such as loving, nurturing, kind, faithful, strong, powerful, intelligent, and helpful to name a few. I hope that you find the information useful in your everyday life. Each of the 12 Zodiac Signs are represented covering details of their characteristics, including the predominate energies, virtues and vices. Relationships include personal, intimate tips, family and compatibility. Vocations cover the workplace, boss or business owner, employee and co-worker. Community covers service.

Know Thyself & Everyone Else is a reference for you to use in your personal life as well as your professional life. You will have valuable insight at your finger tips that can be useful in all of your relationships. It will also answer questions as to why a person acts in a particular way, what jobs they are best suited for and tips to handle relationships gone wrong.

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