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Loy Young - Loy's Relationship Disclosures

Heart 2 Heart Communications

Heart 2 Heart Communications

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it!


Wouldn’t you like to relate with others from your heart consistently? I’m sure you would – the question is how? Heart 2 Heart Communications instructs you “how” for those ever so important relationships in your life; ones that you are already intertwined with and those that still belong to your dreams.

You are given a heart formula that is amazingly simple yet profound that you can begin to apply the moment you read Heart 2 Heart Communications.

You discover how to develop heartfelt relationships even with people that are hard to relate with as they are just not present enough. Instead of shying away from you, you’ll learn how to ensure they feel safe with you. Most likely, they will then come out and meet you emotionally, starting you on your way to a heartfelt connecting relationship.

What about those emotional steamrollers, that run right over your heart, causing you to shut down? Heart 2 Heart Communications edifies for you how to deal with even these most difficult of people, in a non-combative, but heartfelt way.

What if you consider yourself a good communicator already, yet don’t understand why you are rejected far too often? You probably yearn to meet someone that’s smart like you, your equal; yet it doesn’t happen. Find out why, but more important discover how to resolve this riddle. Then you can have the intimate and loving relationships that you deserve.

Heart 2 Heart Communications teaches you the language of the heart. There are also heart recipes in this eBook which help you not only with what you say, but how you say it; which is even more important than words.

Heart 2 Heart Communications is authored by Loy Young, a relationship specialist. She has been teaching people how to develop heartfelt relationships with this formula for over thirty years.

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