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Loy Young - Loy's Relationship Disclosures



Adventure – what is it to you?
Racing down the track in an F1 Ferrari?
Heli-skiing in the Alps?
Sailing single-handedly around the globe?
Bare-handed bull-wrestling?
Orbiting the earth in a NASA capsule?

For me, the ultimate adventure has been seeking understanding of our human behavior and divine nature. Especially, why In spite of our high spiritual
ideals, religious teachings and incredible scientific advancements,
has humanity’s conduct shockingly been much the same since the beginning of recorded history? 

Why I wanted to know? A mystery I felt compelled to unravel, I was willing to travel into the depths of darkness of our human consciousness. This might sound far too serious, no fun at all to most people, but pure excitement to me, my destiny to fulfill.

My conscious quest took decades as I learned from others, interacted with people from all walks of life—from cosmopolitan jet-setters to rural villagers—and a variety of cultural backgrounds and religions. Whenever I found a truth that fit my criteria as a truth, being one, which would apply regardless of race, gender or culture, I would write about it, teach and use with those who sought out my advice. Most discoveries turned out to be real, other’s illusions, which spurred me on my way again leading me to travel and work on six continents. The search was not in vain though; I did find the answers that I was seeking.

I felt like Newton surely must have felt when he discovered gravity, it had always been with us. Still it took him being hit over the head by an apple, before he had his “ah ha.” Only then,  could he make use of a natural phenomenon which helped us advance greatly scientifically.

It seems I had to be hit in the head for thousands of hours listening to people’s life stories before I went, “ah ha, there is a story line or plot  that’s always been with us that we’re caught in.  It was so simple yet full of so much emotional drama that it had thrown me off repeatedly. My hope is with this discovery it will help us advance greatly in our human behavior. 

This plot or drama is the well-known Goodness Triumphs Over Evil

The struggle between good and evil is the underlying theme of all conflicts regardless of race, gender or culture. Whatever the country, whatever the words, the most archaic and advanced teachings deal with warding off and defeating evil.

Don’t take my word for it, go back as far as the first written or spoken words, and you will detect this drama carefully recorded. Look at the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad-Gita, the Pali language spoken by Gautama Buddha, the Bible, The Egyptian hieroglyphs, the Koran, Confucianism, Zoroastrian literature, even cave men’s drawings. This drama has kept humans ensnared acting out this plot repeatedly like a broken record.

Finally, I understood why there had been little change in human behavior since the dawn of humanity. Hate and destruction are not the exclusive domain of Hollywood. This is recorded in criminal statistics, casualties of civil wars and histories of armed conflict from Nero to Napoleon, from Hitler to now ISIS. The negative energy of this struggle fills our asylums and drives people to therapy sessions, bulimia and suicide.

The plot Goodness Triumphs Over Evil is beset with conflicts supplying the passion that drives each human being. It is the way each of us deals with our own relationships. Any controversy requires at least two opponents, with the easily predictable outcome that someone will be triumphed over and the other will be victorious, even if for the moment.

Even when we act out this plot within ourselves, our different aspects oppose each other. Our mind argues with our emotions. Our feelings find fault with the body; the physique complains of neglect by our spiritual side and so on. One part of us is always criticizing and rejecting another. The result is inner conflict and turmoil.

The drama’s three starring roles
The plot of Goodness Triumphs Over Evil showcases three roles, the villain who abuses the victim, the victim who is saved by the hero, and the hero who defeats the villain. Every person’s emotional nature is always auditioning for one of these three roles and whose objective is to express its feelings  so everyone can identify the role.

Relationships are arguably our favorite emotional drama, with our true feelings skillfully hidden from the scrutiny of the mind. We act out the plot blindly, unconsciously every day of our lives, with our loved ones, with friends and strangers and even with ourselves when we are alone. It’s through interactions with others that our whole range of feelings from despair to ecstasy gets to be expressed. And how well we express our feelings determines if we receive applause or end up with eggs dripping from our faces.

However, once the curtain comes down on  one drama, there is no rest from the plot. We’re back on stage in no time at all.

Finally,  I realized life resembles the movie Ground Hog Day starring Bill Murray in which he kept repeating the same day over and over until he got it right, which included Love. That is us as well. We stay embroiled in  scenarios repetitively until we finally get it right, which also involves love. If our co-actors lose their emotional zest to play with us, there’s always another actor or actress waiting in the wings to take their place.

Giant School

That’s when I had anotherah ha.Is it possible our planet or solar system is like a school? One in which we progress through the plot and roles until we consistently become heroes in service to each other. We learn how to save the victims with love. Then we understand how to triumph over the villain without using the passion of hate and destruction, which only traps us in the  plot.

And our final schooling is once we’ve mastered these roles with others; we turn inside to ourselves.  We learn to become our personal hero and save our victim self with love. Then we wake up to our own villain or our dark side and finally triumph over it, without rejecting and hating this aspect of ourselves.

Graduation Time

It’s possible, then we are finished with the human dimension. We break the birth/death cycle as we no longer need to reincarnate  to master the
plot and its roles. Finally, we graduate.  Could be it’s time to move on to the next realm –  immortal maybe?

We will only really know once we embrace the plot consciously with its three roles and master it with our heart. So that’s what I’ve been doing since my initial full discovery, which was in 1994. I’ve been researching the roles and applying to myself all that I’ve discovered from my heart.

I’ve done well with the plot with people from the outside now. My own inner self, with nothing to go on except through feelings has been much more challenging. For the last five years, I have been saving my victim self, triumphing with my heart over the harmful part of myself, becoming my personal hero. I’m close, being in service and loving myself now most of the time.

I no longer have any disdain for the plot or its three roles, but view it as totally masterful education program for us to progress through, eventually becoming conscious heroes in service to others and to ourselves.

As the years sped by, I’ve also become an elder. Unless my life span greatly extends or the vision of physical immortality becomes an actuality, I’m not sure I will have time to leave behind my full discovery. I’ve written some books, but they all need to be reviewed and updated with the discoveries I’ve now made by journeying inside to my inner self. I view this as my legacy in service to those seeking the same answers I had when I started this conscious journey over six decades ago.

Since time could be running out, it makes me wonder if possibly the design is for everyone to wake up themselves to the plot and its three roles. After all, we weren’t given a manual when we were born that explained all of this to us. We have to go through one experience after another until we get it right…






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