Loy Young

Welcome to the world of Loy Young

Loy Young - Welcome to the world of Loy Young


Adventure – what is it to you?

Racing down the track in an F1 Ferrari?

Heli-skiing in the Alps?

Sailing single-handedly around the globe?

Bare-handed bull-wrestling?

Orbiting the earth in a NASA capsule?

For me, the ultimate adventure  has been seeking understanding of our human behavior and spiritual nature.

Questions that were aflame in my youth  just would not die down until answered. Questions like – Why am I Here? Where did I come from? What’s my Destiny? How do I become all that I am meant to be? What is the “meaning of life?”

Especially, why In spite of our high spiritual ideals, religious teachings and incredible scientific advancements, has human behavior shockingly been much the same century after century? Why I wanted to know? A mystery I felt compelled to unravel, I was willing to travel into the depths of darkness of our human consciousness.   This might sound far too serious, no fun at all to most people, but pure excitement to me, my destiny to fulfill.

Not finding  answers to these mysteries that fully satisfied me in traditional schooling, I was then propelled to the esoteric field where  I felt more  at home. The cosmos, my place in it, esoteric astrology, past lives, intuition, emotions, psychic abilities, shamans, mystery schools, clues left behind by former matriarch civilizations has been the magical road I’ve traveled.

My  conscious quest took  decades as I  interacted  with people from all walks of life—from cosmopolitan jet-setters to rural villagers—and a variety of cultural backgrounds and religions. Whenever I found a truth that fit my criteria as a truth, being one that would apply regardless of race, gender or culture, I would write about it, teach and use with those that sought out my advice. Most discoveries turned out to be real, others illusions which spurred me on my way again leading me to travel and work on six continents.

It was often a perilous journey with my nearly drowning in the sea of opposites many times. The search was not in vain though; I did find the answers that I was seeking.

I felt like Newton surely must have felt when he discovered gravity, it had always been with us. Still it took him being hit over the head with an apple, before he had his “ah ha.” Only then, were we able to make use of a natural phenomenon which then helped us advance greatly scientifically.

Seems I  had to be hit on the head for thousands of hours listening to people’s life stories before I went, “ah ha, that’s the natural story line or plot  all humans go through.   Finally I understood why there had been little change in human behavior since the dawn of humanity.  The answers for permanent change lie in our feelings, not our mind.   And unfortunately, no amount of logic, facts or figures can ever change feelings.  Emotions need action, drama and stories to learn from and to change.

Since my discovery,  naturally, new questions came to light. Still  I’m full at the moment and  pausing  for awhile to review my life, writings, audios and videos. I want to glean the wisdom that I gained and publish those  I feel could be of value to you as well.

Author of The Plot – Starring the Victim, The Plot-Starring the Villain,  The Plot – Starring the Hero,  The Plot – In Religion, Politics and War, Moon Goddess and You, Know Thyself and Everyone Else,  Catching the Holy Spirit and Devil in Action, Heart 2 Heart Communication (It’s Not What You Say But How You Say It!) The Script of Life, The Plot: Dealing with Feelings, Victims, Villains and Heroes: Managing Emotions in the Workplace, Silver Tongued Charmers, Past Lives: The Key to Your Present Relationships, 12 books on Esoteric Intuitive Astrology, The Soul Game, Why Am I Here? God in the Aquarian Age, Life Patterns, How To Resolve Prejudice, Die Laughing – Is There Any Other Way?, Reincarnation Your Denied Birthright, How to Develop Your Intuition, Volume 1 and 2, Young’s Psychology, The Devil Child and a myriad of  articles, audio and video tapes.